Bad chest, broken cars and catching up

Not feeling my best today, two days of feeling rotten and its so cold. Come on Summer I need you .


8.2.17, time and recording and forgetting

Times an odd thing. I don’t wear a watch, haven’t in a long time. I found that wind up watches just didn’t keep time, they would either go to fast, stop completely or go too slow. Digital  watches all seem to have plastic straps that irritate, I would take them off and inevitably forget to take them out of pockets and put them through the washing machine. I have a timer on my phone and use that to set alarms, so it is the bell really I hear, rather than look at the phone to see the time.  I do try to be on time for things but usually over compensate and arrive too early. I am though at the moment having trouble remembering things, perhaps it is because my weeks are so different . Or maybe its just my age ! Either way todays collage is inspired by timetables, calendars  and keeping track.