19.2.17 Angels in conflict

I watched a film again last night based on the book A Testament of Youth by Vera Britain. Not often I willing re watch a film. But I think Vera’s story is fascinating. Think its had some influence on my collage today.



18.2.17, lets have a day out…

“Lets have a day out “I suggested,” on Saturday , All agreed this is a great idea off we pop to Carlisle and then the Lakes. All I can say is I love the Lakes, and they¬†¬†called the Lakes for a reason: there are lots of Lakes. ( Lets not get caught up on the mere thing) You don’t have Lakes unless you have rain, lots of rain. Well a nice day was had by all and inspired by that I made this , todays collage, space, colour and mountains , 18.2.17

collageaday 18.2.17