Positive, water, lucky.

I feel stuck for words today. It has been one emotional week, as I have already posted . But this morning sees me really stuck for words. So I have turned to a random word generator, yes there are such things, how odd. So lets have a look at the chosen words :

Positive, I sometimes struggle with this , I am sad to say that my cup is often half empty not half full. Happily I am surrounded by people who are the opposite, so things usually work out just fine in the end.

Water, well I love water in all its guises, drinking it, swimming in it , even the rain as it falls can fill me with joy as it soaks the seeds or waters the plants. You can get too m much of a good thing though and I often wish it could come in the night rather than the day, and be a little more evenly distributed across the lands.

Lucky, oh how lucky Iam to be here when there are so many who are not, mostly healthy and happy, with a roof over my head and food in the fridge. Long may it last.