End of the month !

Oh my here it is then , the end of January! I have done a month of prints , and I am a bit happy about that.

Having talks about using last years work in an exhibition too, good day today for sure , perhaps the super blue blood moon is going to be good for me .

I am enjoying the new shaped  gel plate.














How much time does it take to go through emails and social media ?

I have had a day of catching up with emails and social media. My goodness its taken me ages to sort out emails, ones that need a reply, ones I needed to send, ones about opportunities …

Well here we are catching up again posting my prints, I have changed the shape of the home made Gel plate . First I made a mini one, and then a circular one. I am going to try and find different containers to make more shapes.




























Some days …

Some days things seem to go well, then things happen that are not in the plan. Now this can be good, but can go the other way too and not be so advantageous. I hope you have had things going to plan today, or at least work out in a positive way.

Busy day of stuff today, not all great, but ended the day well with two new inch squares , preparation for my workshop on Friday and todays print. My dilemma today was should I work on top of my print , or should they be straight prints? Decided to leave this one as it was, but it was hard to resist adding drawing to the surface.










Cold, cold and more cold

Not sure I like  January very much. It has been cold , dark and grey most of the month so far. Perhaps it is the placement of my workspace, in the garage, that makes me feel it has been so cold?

Who knows, here are the last three days prints. All made on my home made gel plate, different papers and paints. Yesterday I experimented with a mix of watercolours and acrylic .

Thursdays print was difficult, sadly it was the day we said goodbye to a friend who died on New Years eve. Funerals are strange, sad and happy events, often an odd mix of people coming together to remember a loved one, this was no exception.

















People are the funniest things.

People are the funniest of things. You can know someone for years and never feel you really know them , then there are other people you meet for the first time and it feels like you have know them forever. I met a lady today for the first time, but it felt like I had known her forever.

Catch up day today , three days of images.




















































work, work, work

There is good work,  and pants work. However usually the pants work pays more, and my mortgage needs paying every month.

So here are  yesterdays and todays print, because I was working yesterday and I cant do everything I really want to all of the time.

Used my Gel plate again, but next week I am going to make some new ones, well new shapes. I do like how you can layer up an image with these.






Spot on

Spot on today, print and blog by mid day! Not often I get my act together so I can do this , but I haven’t time to wait, things need to get done .

Gell pint today, on some brown wrapping paper.  I am going to try and find some now moulds to make some different shapes of plate. But I am happy with todays print, took me a few to get to this one, perhaps I should make a new blog – the ones who didn’t make the cut ?





One more day

One more day, along with may people I often say oh I cant wait until next week, or next month for one reason or another . When really we should be trying to be happy now, right this minute. Be happy where we are , what we are doing, who are we spending our time with. Today I read a letter written by someone close to death . How strange it must be to know that very soon you will be dead , and yes we are all going to die, but some people due to ill health or accident have death brought on them sooner than expected. Well today it made me think, and so  I have done lots of work, knitting things for my family, work on a new project, applications for residencies and todays print. So I do feel like today I have lived for today. I have enjoyed being  me and what I have achieved today. Lets hope there is another day coming along too.