busy days …

I do like busy days, but it is nice to get the things you planned to do finished, which is often not the case. Lots of running around collecting things today, but I found some bargains, everyone loves a bargain don’t they ? Well  no time for getting sidetracked this afternoon, still not got to the end of my list!

Here we are yesterdays and today’s prints, kind of followed on from yesterday, using the gel plate and an ink pad on tissue. The tissue is purple, which hasn’t shown so well in my photo. I quite like using tissue paper, it has imperfections and creases which I like.

One more print and then into another new month !




20180429_100052 (1).jpg




When weekends don’t mean the same

Weekends don’t mean the same as they used to. Working for myself I can work any number of days in a week. Weekends, Saturday and Sunday can be as busy as any other day, so I no longer get the ‘Friday feeling’. The feeling of going home, putting your feet up and not thinking about work for two whole days. But I wouldn’t go back to working Monday to Friday again, I really wouldn’t. Its so much nicer to have time off at other times, although I do miss (a little anyway) the regular pay cheque each month!

Her are the prints from yesterday and today, only small, and less than ordinary papers. Yesterdays is a cake cup, I used the net from a fruit bag to make a stamp. Today’s is my finger print on a section cut out of an Austrian or Swiss bank book from the 1930/40’s















How to turn pain into productivity?


That’s what needs to happen today. Not feeling too bright at all this morning, hate days like this. There’s not one thing I could say is wrong, but I feel pants. There we have it I have said it, I feel rubbish and want to crawl in my bed and stay there till its all over. I know I am not alone, that lots of people are ‘worse off than me’, whatever that means. Well I am overcoming the urge to stay in bed, I am up and doing, made today’s print and posting that , along with yesterdays. Perhaps work is the answer, keep busy and I don’t feel the pain. Wish me luck. Hope you are in a happy, pain free place today.











Fixing things and tidying up

Today must be a day of tidying up and fixing things. The attraction of wanting to work in the garden will have to wait, although it is quite windy and cooler today, so perhaps option number one is the better one today.

I have had a busy few days, so there are lots of prints to post and to catch up with today.
































16.4.18 Part two

Well I have been happily busy all day. I have two workshops this weekend so lots to get ready for that. But happy makes for more work so even time to do a second post of the day!

I have tried out using an old pasta maker as a printing press. I used the bottom of a food container as the plate. It worked better than I expected, but still work in progress.









Not always perfect

I don’t think anything is ever perfect. But then how do we define what is perfect? If I asked a room full of people what their idea of a perfect day would be, there would be as may answers as people. And that is great. With Instagram and Facebook giving viewers an insight into parts of other people’s lives, the parts that they feel are perfect, it does seem to have tipped into a world of defeatism and jealousy. I am not perfect, but that doesn’t matter. I try to be honest and kind, and that’s perfect for me.

And on that note , this is yesterdays print, another documentation of things in my work space.






I have been to a wedding today. It was a very special wedding, I suppose they all are for the people involved. However, this one was truly special. The couple who were married have been a couple for a long time, they have two beautiful daughters. Today the groom is struggling with MS, he can no longer walk, talk or see, as well as he did. The service was not long, but every care was taken to make it as personal and as beautiful as possible. The love shown by the bride and groom shone, and the room was filled with joy. I am grateful I was there to see them, warmed by the love they hold in their hearts for each other. Todays print is for them, I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Today is also a catch-up day, oh my it has been a busy week.




































Some days…

Some days just don’t go as you plan. No matter what you do everything turns to a swirling sea of stuff that couldn’t get any worse if you tried. Well I might have exaggerated a little bit, I have a roof over my head and all the ones I love are safe and sound. I do have and am grateful for many things. But todays just gone wrong from the get go. Bad nights sleep, confusion over diary entries meant things were changed, wrong turning driving out of Liverpool…I could go on, but I feel I am losing you!
Well as I said I have a lot to be grateful for, including being able to come into my little space and create. So here is today’s print. Saved from yesterdays collage, I have used a mix of household paint and acrylic to make this textured offering.







Spring is Sprung

Well I do hope that Spring has arrived. After the fog cleared it has been a nice day with blue skies and no rain, well until about half an hour ago. But made progress with operation bee hive, nearly ready for some bees.

I am quite intrigued to see where people that view my blog come from, there were quite a number from Canada yesterday, so hopefully they will return, hello Canada!

Todays print is following the documenting of things in my studio. I have used wet strength tissue paper and household paint for todays print of a pen.






Making memories

I attended a memorial rugby match this weekend. I have attended the same memorial for several years now, and give or take a few, the same people share the day. It is lovely to meet up with people I don’t often get the chance to in my normal daily life, and interesting to look back on previous years photos of the day to see the subtle changes in hair styles and fashion!

Here are the prints form the last couple of days, a bit of a mix. One is a home made stamp I have made for a project later this month. The other two are continuing the documentation of things in my life that are special for me, a paintbrush and some scissors.