End of May

Here we are then, the end of May. Almost another birthday ! And half way through my second year of a daily challenge. I have been working on an exhibition of last years daily challenge, my collages. Watch this space for news !

Today’s print has taken on a geometric style, the colours are quite different as well.









Well I am often proud of my daughter, my husband, my friends. Not sure how often I am proud of me and my work. But yesterdays print was used by another artist to influence their work, definitely a proud day .

Tonight’s full moon is said to be bringing a ‘competitive environment’  over the next two weeks. Not sure if that will influence me or not, but last night I did have a terrible nights sleep. Lets hope it isn’t the same tonight . I have to say its not looking promising .

Today’s print is on top of a failed cyanotype. Waste not want not…







Bank Holiday quietness

I do like Bank holidays, not that it is any different from any other day for me, but everywhere seems so much quieter. I like that.

Well it is a sunny day again so I have been making some more cyanotypes . The garden grass can wait another day…

Today’s print began with a collage of decorative papers, then the trustee gel plate made two prints on top of each other.  The paper is a lovely pastel paper, and with the brushed on acrylic paint, the whole thing has lots of texture .





The sun shines, we are happy, well almost

Well the second May holiday is here and the sun is still bright and warm. As my working days can be any or all of the seven days in a week holidays don’t mean the appreciate that for many they are a break from a more confining working life. This week has been something different every day, and I am grateful that I have enjoyed each one.

It hasn’t done anything positive to my posting on here , however lets catch up.

Tuesdays image just didn’t want to stay flat, so I gave up and took it as it curved the way it wanted to. I printed on the page of a leaflet and the paper was quite think, it did flatten down eventually.

Wednesdays image used a found poem, it was a busy day, beautiful and frustrating in equal measures.

Thursday was a magical day, beautiful sunshine and a cyanotype workshop. I had used this process before, but only by making it up as I went along, so this was a great opportunity to actually have someone go through the process. Hosted by the wonderful Vega at the Linden Print Studio in Cumbria . Much fun had by all and I can thoroughly recommend any of her workshops.

With the highs there are also the lows and after such a fabulous day on Thursday, Friday was not so positive, the print used a collages and sewn background with letter printing on top.

Saturday was a more positive day, and I had been using the feathers with the cyanotype printing I had been experimenting with on Friday. loved the orange paint, quite a contrast to the fine natural shape of the feather.

Sunday, another fine and sunny day. continued to experiment with the cyanotype, well you have to take advantage of the sun while its here. I had made a few prints using the feather that hadn’t really worked how I had wanted, but I also had some small leaves I had been using on the cyanotypes, combining the two I developed today’s print. Bright and sunny, like the bank holiday weather. Hope you are able to be enjoying the weather, but if not , for whatever the reason, I hope you find time to have a relax sometime during the week.




























Home to roost

Strange how things change, time passes on each minute becomes an hour, each hour a day. Before you know it your fifty three , with creaking knees and failing eyes. But marking the passage of time is better than the alternative. I am for sure greatful for all I have had and all that is still to come.

Yesterdays and today’s prints are both documenting things in the studio. Yesterdays on recycled tissue from a packaged I had delivered. And today’s on part of an old bed sheet .







Sunny days

The sunny days continue this week. It does make people more cheerful when the sun shines. Things are beginning to catch up with previous years growth and the slugs haven’t eaten everything in the garden !

I am looking forward to attending a workshop tomorrow , and super excited about a workshop next week in the superb Linden Print Studio in Cumbria.

Yesterdays print went all monochrome. I used acrylic paint and some layers of gloss medium.

Today’s print went quite colorful , but there you go some days have more colour than others.





Busy Bee

Oh my, Wednesdays are so busy at the moment. Not complaining, but I am so tired now. The weather has continued to be fine and dry today which is always nice. Time to get out in the garden after tea.

Not sure where today’s print came from. Just fancied something bright this morning. Perhaps it was thinking about the new moon and Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak to all who celebrate.




Wonders I have seen

I hope you can forgive me for not posting yesterday, well for a few days – again. However, I had the best reason last night as I went to my first ever Instagram meet up! Bet you didn’t even think I would have Instagram, well I do, and I love it! my name is nfoulds_  if you want to look me up, it is always good to get new people to follow. The meet up was at the lovely Harris Museum and Art Gallery , we went right up onto the roof, it was a stunning evening and the views were amazing.

As the weather has been nice for a few days I have been out in the garden quite a bit, gardening is a never ending task, but never  chore and some of the prints have definitely been influenced by my clipping and weeding .

I have been using the little luggage labels for a project I am involved with and couldn’t resist using one to print on.

I returned to printing on fabric yesterday , I used a piece of string to pull through the surface of the gel plate and the fabric, I need to do some more using this technique . And finally today’s print influenced by my visit to the Harris last night.






























Bitter sweet

Some things are just that, bitter sweet. If your talking pop corn then there isn’t an issue . However today is a bitter sweet day for other reasons . Tonight I watch the performance my daughter has choreographed for her final dissertation. I am excited,  proud and happy to see the culmination of her three years hard graft.

So a little catch up today, lots of textures in the last couple of days work, and writing. All kinds of papers and paint , even an old piece of card.