The end is here

Well , the end of the month. And I have just made it !

Here are the last of the June prints , hello July !

Yesterdays work started as a collage of prints from previous days, quite like the resulting final print.

Today’s collage was inspired by my jasmine tree in the garden, its beautiful scented flowers drop like summer snow, I just had to use them, and today was the day.






Oh no! Not again!

Oh my, I have done it again, got behind with posting on my blog. I am so sorry, its been one of those weeks and I really don’t know where the time has gone. I could blame it on the heat, or the football or the kids. However, I love the heat, I don’t really watch the football and I only have one daughter who is an adult, so she can’t count as an excuse really! Well here we are, Thursday again, let’s get caught up before the weekend arrives. Circles are the influence of the past few days, I have been making badges for a local Comic Convention  and the left over pieces have just got into everything.













The sun shines and the bees are buzzing

Oh, I do like the summer time. Breakfast outside under the fragrant jasmine canopy. Then long days of endless sunshine disappearing to a fiery sunset. It does seem like we are having the most wonderful summer time this year. I hope it lasts a long time.

Today has been a busy day, morning meeting with some inspiring Etsy Lancashire members. Home to make things for a Comic Con in Colne on Sat, and today’s print. Only just finished in time to post today, which is good as I totally forgot to post yesterday.

Yesterdays print used some of the new home made stencils and kept the colours earthy.  Today’s print is full of colour, hot like the weather.










Wonderious World

I have been so happy to see visitors to my site from different parts of the world. It always makes me happy to see where in the world people are when they are looking at my images. This week I have had people from the USA, UK, Spain and India looking.  Thank you, it makes my day to see people looking at my images.

I have a couple of images to post today, first one I have used a home made stencil. I have made a few new stencils using a glue gun. Think it worked quite well, but I really enjoyed the colour’s in this one.

Today’s image started with an image from a magazine , I pulled a ghost print of the plate and then used one of my new stencils to over print a leaf design on top.










Wednesday …

Well what a quick week this is turning out to be. I thought I had lots of time at home this week and was looking forward to getting caught up with lots of things. Well here we are, and its Wednesday evening and I still have a list of ‘to do’s’ as long as my arm! Oh well, better I have things to do.

Here’s today print, a bit blue. It’s a happy blue though. The shapes remind me a little of sail boats.

20180620_112610 (1)


Stop , start .

Its been a stop start kind of day today. I was up very, very late last night as dancing daughter went off on her jolly holidays, and late departing planes meant missed connecting flights, oh my, best laid plans and all that. Well anyway todays just been one of those days, the more I worked on things, the more jobs seemed to pop up. But here we are better late than never, todays print.

I have used some lovely paper today, thick textured, water colour paper that some one gave me. I started out making one thing and ended up with this, but I quite like it and it is how my head has been all day. A little bit, not quite here, something in the distance not quite clear, like a misty morning or a foggy night. Oh well made it through another day, hopefully another one coming along as we speak.





Mostly I am good at waiting. I am fine in a restaurant waiting for my food to come. I appreciate well cooked food, made to order, fresh, hot and crispy; if its meant to be crispy! I don’t mind waiting in A&E, I know how busy the doctors and nurses are and I know they really try hard to see the most in need of help first. There are lots more things I could list where I don’t mind waiting.

My daughter is a strong and independent young woman. Just as my husband and I have hoped over the years she would be. But I hate it when she’s off on her travels and I am at home waiting for her aeroplane to land. This is not good waiting. I can’t wait for the wait to be over. But don’t tell her, I love her youthful wanderlust. Long may it last.

Well this waiting and thinking about time may have influenced my print today. It also might have something to do with rooting through a box of things in the garage. But I found an old office stamp, it has listed the things to do with receiving and processing orders, the dates are not correct today, but I do like a nice stamp.







Crammed, that’s what’s happened to my brain. I have had so much fantastic input this week, my poor old brain is over flowing with information. Not good, I need to settle down and make a list, except I have never been good at lists. I do envy those people who can make lists and stick to them. Gradually ticking things off as they have been achieved. Do people really do that? or is it another one of today’s society myths, like perfect Instagram pictures and social media posts?

Well when all else fails I have retreated to my work space which is looking especial good as I have had a sink fixed while I have been away. Thank you, Steven you are, my love and you understand me more than I know.








People Place Power

Well what a cracking few days I have had in the lovely Wolverhampton ! I have been a delegate at the Creative People and Places conference and it has been an interesting time. The weekend began with an opening session that included a presentation by the brilliant Jessica Thom  and ended with spoken word by the talented Quddous Ahmed. Too much in between to write about here , but it has been a valuable experience .

I didn’t take much materials with me, but I found some postcards of the hotel I stayed in and couldn’t resist using them to print on with what I had.

Home this evening and my work space is in a bit of disarray, too tired to tidy much, so I used what was around to make this stripy print on some dotty paper.











Well this will never do !

I am so behind posting my prints. I think because I am posting on Instagram ,nfoulds_ if you want to look for me , I feel like I have shared the daily image. And I have , but sharing here seems more real. Rambling now, lets get on and catch up.

Lots of different printing surfaces, including acetate, vintage medical books, failed cyanotypes and old cards.