One down, eleven to go

Well here we are, the end of January. And my goodness it has turned into a cold snap here in Lancashire. Well I have braved the cold studio today to do a few bits, and I have to admit I have come back into the house to carry on tonight. Its a very different page today, hope you like the mix of work that is appearing in my book. I am quite enjoying the small scale and freedom of choice in these pages . And I am happy I have made it through the first month.







Time is an odd old thing. When we are waiting for something it can drag. When we want something to last it goes in a flash. I hardy ever know what time it is. I set alarms all the time if I need to be places at a set time. And I hate to be late so I am often an hour early for what ever event I am going to . But I do like people watching so it never worries me to wait. I am here in Manchester today , early , and waiting, but it has given me time to post today’s page, and yesterdays , as ‘time’ then was in a ‘breaks off’ mode and I didn’t get time to post. Hope all is well with you and today you have found time to do  for something nice for yourself.







Small steps towards the sunshine

Small steps are still steps. As long as they are in the right direction ! Oh my today has been an odd one it really has. But it has been a day. Another day in my journey, my life, oh stop me I am getting all slushy ! Still I have got on well with some things, not so good with others, but moving in the right direction, that’s all I ask.  Here we are catching up from the last couple of days I haven’t posted.

Keep on , keeping on.










Walk a mile in my shoes

I love the saying : You can never know anyone’s life until you walk a mile in their shoes , well I don’t think that’s the quote,and I am not sure if we know where it came from, but I am sure you know the one. Sometimes my days are harder than people may imagine. Other days are filled with so much joy and happiness its hard to understand any pain in the world. Some days I work alongside people who make me so grateful for what I have. Today has been one of those days. I have my family around me, a roof over our heads and food on the table. I am truly grateful for our abundance.

My page today is a very mixed up collage, but there you go , its kind of been one of those days . I hope you have had a peaceful and happy day, fingers crossed there will be another one along soon.






Done it again…

And so I have done it again. Lost sight of my creativity . It is so easy for me to get lost in keeping the bills being paid, making sure that everyone else is OK , that I lose sight of making and creating. I have tried tonight to give myself a break from everything. From work, from worry, from doing. I have had a nice bath, and a relaxing foot mask ! I have tried not to worry about where money is coming from to pay the bills, or how I can do the million and one things I want / have to do. Here are yesterdays and today’s pages, similar theme, I am working on some mini banners for something happening in March and these may include some quotes .  I like to live with things and take them through different stages before I finally become happy with the idea so working in my book has given me some space to explore some of the quotes.






Full moon madness

I went to bed late on Sunday evening, and although I had wanted to see the special full moon I didn’t think I would get up to see it. However my body must have had different ideas, because I woke up and was able to see the moon in all its glory. I had thought the cloud would have obscured the view , but last night it was just clear enough to see it and I was so pleased I went out .

It hasn’t done much for my work rate today , but here we are a little catch up for my fellow blog family. Thanks for looking.








Only a little late

What a day! I have been taking part in some training which hopefully will develop into some community based action work. Proceedings were  interrupted a little due to unforeseen parent caring emergencies. Never mind, we live to tell the tale , or so the saying goes.

Today’s page was a little influenced by 1050’s wall paper , well there you go the things that pop up in my thoughts !



Where have all the flowers gone

Sometimes I am not sure where my thoughts come from. They occasionally come with such certainty I think I they must have come from someone else, that I have read them and then forgotten them and then made them my own.  Where have all the flowers gone, a song by Pete Seeger about loss, I have no idea why it has popped into my head tonight. Its not like it is a jolly song either! And I suppose they are not my words either, but they are my memories.

Here are yesterdays and today’s pages, both started with a collage  background, Wednesdays used an old map and information about waterfalls, some I found in a book about waterfalls all over the world, and some hand written about waterfalls in the Lake district . Thursdays is about being happy with who you are, wrinkles and all.







do something different

So if you do what you always do , you get what you always get.

It is often always so hard to break from what you know. So today’s page I have used pen and felt pen to doodle some designs that might go towards a lesson I have on Wednesday. It has been an odd day, my mind couldn’t settle to do anything much. I think I am a little tired from my care duties over the weekend. Onward and upwards , its only Monday.



Growing old

Anyone looking after elderly parents will know it can sometimes be difficult. Watching once strong and articulate individuals become slower and jumbled can be upsetting and exhausting. Bursts of their former selves give hope of a return to past times, only to be dashed in the realisation that the clock ticks slower each day.

Today I post the last three days of pages, with work and caring tasks I just haven’t had the energy to post, but here they are. All caught up tonight, with luck, tomorrow is another day. 11th and 13th follow a theme and ere made in my work space, and the 12th was a day where I was only able to use pen and paper.