Day 11

Oh, my goodness, this part of the week is flying in. I was up and into the studio early this morning, the sun was shining, and I didn’t want to be too distracted by the sunshine. I worked all day, with minor distractions for delicious (and gluten free) food. Coffee was great too, and some cake … Well I have been working hard! I organised a little mini gel plate workshop for some of the other residents at the Fish Factory which was fun too. Work really progressed today, did lots of prints and continued working with some of the small and larger collages. I was struggling a little yesterday with the collages, but today things seemed to fall into place much better. I guess that some days are just like that, some days things work and others I feel like throwing everything away. Perhaps I put myself under too much pressure to get more things done while I am here, not to waste any time. But I realised whatever I complete here it isn’t the end of the experience. I have really found the time and space in a new place to be great to concentrate and think about nothing else but me and my work. I am grateful to those many people who have helped make that possible. Here is today’s page, slightly influenced by the Fish Factory Café’s great music being played throughout the day.



Day 10

Oh, some days you win and some days, well, hopefully there will be another along in a bit. I was awake early, fell back to sleep, woke again and then gave up trying to sleep. I took up some embroidery, you know the one that is seemingly taking ages. Fell back to sleep and eventually got up for real at 7.30am. After breakfast I spent some time at the studio and made mixed progress. I don’t think the gloomy weather helped. The nagging worry that I am not good enough does at times plague me too. But never mind, the never-ending embroidery is almost finished, and the weather has brightened. Today’s page has ended up landscape way round, and is quite orange.


Day 9

Today I had a trip to St Ives, it had to be done really. It is a beautiful building and I am so close it did seem a shame not to go. I drove to St Erth and then went the rest of the way to St Ives on the train. Far better than battling into St Ives and trying to find parking. The big exhibition on now is Huguette Caland. Superb work, colourful, sensual, and her line drawings just delightful. Highly recommend visiting if you can. Well there was so much fantastic work on display I was a little overwhelmed really. So, today’s page is a list of some of the work I was taken by, I only took down the names and titles where possible of my favourite ones, there was much more but I ran out of space. As often the case , far to many DWM, but still some beautiful work.


Day 8

To start with the weather has been a lot better today, small thing, but it does lift my spirits when the weather is nice. I started the day with two book purchases, one a children’s book and the other a fishing guide. I have used the fishing guide already; it has some great line drawn images. I also used some seaweed to make mon-prints. I was quite pleased with them, some have taken on the feel of the boats in the harbour, rusting metals and cracking paint.

Today’s page was one of those where my mind zoned out of where I was and put together images from a pile of things I had collected on my table. I like it when things work like that, they feel more natural and unprompted.




Day 7

Well this is day 7 of 14, well I didn’t arrive in Cornwall till early hours Monday Morning, but what’s a few hours amongst friends. I had intended to go for a walk around the side of the bay today, however the weather is terrible, so I have stayed in, roasted vegetables and taken out my sewing needles. I did walk down to The Fish Factory to make my page. I also prepared some backgrounds for collages I will do tomorrow. Today’s page is a collage, all sorts on this, pages from an encyclopaedia, small newspaper cuttings, some acrylic paint, stencil work with Posca pens and some watercolor. I was pleased with this one, well I am usually pleased with my daily page. But this one felt like it was a noticeably good one.



Oh my, what day is it ?

This is my first week of a two-week residency at The Fish Factory Arts, Penryn. I am staying in a small house 5 mins walk from the Fish Factory. It is just perfect, (even if it is a bit cold for June) I am really appreciating the space, physical and mental, to concentrate on thinking about and the formation of work. However, time on my own is making me lose track of the days! Today there was a workshop facilitated by Kate Southworth, an interesting afternoon of thoughts and ideas that was powerful and engaging. This meant there wasn’t much time for anything else, I did of course complete my page. I was inspired by newspapers and images in my workspace, new pens and things that we had discussed in the workshop. It was refreshing to talk honestly and openly about our practice, one thing that came across unquestionably was the connections between Energy/ Space / Time, and this makes an appearance on today’s page, thanks to all who were at the workshop.




Definitely not June weather

Well I wondered if the sunny weather might distract me from my work here in Cornwall. I needn’t have let the thought come into my head! Its decidedly cool here in Penryn, I suppose I should be glad I am here and well it has stopped raining today ! And I am here to work. I have been working on several collages and prints today, none of which I took photos of , silly me. But I did do my daily page.  I used some collaged shapes and acrylic paints, brushed and stenciled on. I have used different colours than I would do normally, but I was happy with the result. 20.6.19



Three days in …

Three days in to my residency in Cornwall and I have been on a bit of a road trip to get a feeling for the place. I drove from Penryn where I am based over to Portreath, along the coast to Hayle, across to Marazion and St Michael’s Mount and then back to Penryn. I stopped off a few times to take in the views and also to pop into the studio of Penn Boylan who makes super ceramics in her little studio. Well worth looking at her work

So I haven’t stopped my daily page, here are the first three made here in Cornwall, Monday I had my worry head on, Tuesday I was taken by the fantastic dock walls and today












Giddy Kipper

I am not sure where the saying comes from, but it is a saying that I have grown up with. I am a giddy kipper is how I am feeling today. I am excited to be going to The Fish Factory tonight. But it is still too soon to set off and really I need a little sleep or I definitely wont make it. Here is today’s  page, tomorrows will be made in Cornwall!  And if you live anywhere in the UK you know why I have ended up with this image today, and I wish it would stop.