Day 9

Today I had a trip to St Ives, it had to be done really. It is a beautiful building and I am so close it did seem a shame not to go. I drove to St Erth and then went the rest of the way to St Ives on the train. Far better than battling into St Ives and trying to find parking. The big exhibition on now is Huguette Caland. Superb work, colourful, sensual, and her line drawings just delightful. Highly recommend visiting if you can. Well there was so much fantastic work on display I was a little overwhelmed really. So, today’s page is a list of some of the work I was taken by, I only took down the names and titles where possible of my favourite ones, there was much more but I ran out of space. As often the case , far to many DWM, but still some beautiful work.