Even in Siberia there is happiness

‘Even in Siberia there is happiness’

Anton Chekhov

We are indeed in uncharted territory. Friends and loved ones are placed in uncertain danger simply due to the work they do. Liberty as we have known it is distorted, daily choices have become reduced and open to scrutiny. Those who have seen careers put on hold are now beginning to be concerned about what long term future holds. Some days I make the monumental mistake of comparing what I do, to others who appear to have all things sorted; they are making their own bread, cooking lovely cakes, teaching their children and chairing remote meetings. All this while being dressed in the trendiest outfit, full make up and coiffured hair. Yes, I know, it is all a game. But its like one of those pieces of music you hear in the distance and then have swimming round, and round and round in your head until you think you are moving towards madness. Today is not one of those days, I have buffered myself from all the social noise and regained control in my makeshift workspace and done what I do. I have sought not to compare myself to others. I have not been (too) anxious about what I write, I have just done it. And do you know I feel better already. Do what makes you happy today, and if that includes paint splashed jeans and a shirt with bleach stains then so be it. You are enough, the day holds plenty of the things we need to survive, love, hope, happiness.



Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, the song goes. Today was a rainy day. In a way I was glad it rained, I have a little garden and it was getting quite dry and the water collection tubs were nearly empty. No amount of watering seems to do the job of ‘real’ rain to water the plants. But I do love the sun. The strange situation we all find ourselves in now has crept into my thoughts more than I would like it to have. Other family members are also disturbed by the daily focus on the virus and it is making normal tasks strangely unusual. And now there seems no clear end of the pandemic in sight. However, I have made some work today, this collage, on old music is approx. A4 in size, not my usual colour choices perhaps it is fitting with the oddness of life in lockdown I change things in my work. The text says, ‘do everything’. An aspect of my shortcomings, taking on lots of things and never focusing long enough on anything to find a full resolution. Still there is always tomorrow, right?


The shop is open !

Well the shop is open. I am having a few teething problems, so bare with. I cant seem to add the full set of images for the colouring sheets, so I will add them here until I can work it out . All amounts include postage too. Sorry I can only post in the UK at the moment, but I hope when things are reopened as Covid -19 restrictions are relaxed I will be able to post world wide. You can always contact me privately to see if I am able to send things other than Royal mail.

One set has simple designs, designed so that you can add your own details, books on the shelf, flowers in the vase, plants in the garden.

The other set has slightly more detailed designs, more suitable to a steady hand.


Keep on keeping on


I am by nature a ‘cup half empty ‘person. I try extremely hard not to be, but things seem to get in the way of me being more positive. I read somewhere yesterday about sending out the right vibrations to attract positiveness to you, conversely if you send out negative vibrations then you attract negative vibrations back. I guess I will just have to keep trying to think positively. On that note yesterday I made some experiments with some new cyanotype chemicals. The experiments were unsuccessful, but then at least I know not to use that kind of paper again, so all is not lost if you learn something, right? I did make four mini collages. Very mini, only one-inch square, well they are almost square. I must be honest and say I had seen someone else try this a few days ago and thought I would see what I could come up with. Although I quite liked them, I felt they needed to be in a group. And on another positive note, I did make something, so I hope I can keep the positive energy going and get back into making.

failed glass cyanotype        mini collages 20.4.20

It all seems easy , when you know how…

It all seems easy when you know how. There are lots of things I have learnt. Some things I forget that I have learned them and become frustrated and surprised when other people struggle with them. I am saying this because I have once more tried to update my Blog page and add a selling platform. See, I may I sound like I know what I am doing, however I do not! Lots of people have said, ‘it’s easy, just follow the instructions’, etc. etc. But like any new thing, setting up a web page/ blog online platform, it has its own language. And there we hit a barrier. I do not speak computer. I get dizzy when someone starts to show me, skipping from one menu to another. Popping up screens I have never seen, and no matter how hard I try, I can never find on my own. Next time I try and show a new technique to someone and they get frustrated, I am going to try and be a little kinder and say things in a different way so that whoever is trying to learn something new can hear it in a different way, see it from a different angle , in the hope that they can eventually  see and feel what I see. So that they can understand the ‘language’ I use without effort. So please bear with, as I try to add things to may blog, or is it a web site? I will add some images of things I have for sale, but if you see something you are interested in , need a card or a gift for someone special, or even something for yourself, email me , phone me and we can work something out .

embroidery you are my sunshine

Covid – 19 mind melt


None of us knows what is going to happen to our way of life. When I write that it seems a bit sensational. But the restrictions we are living in are like no other ever seen. Even during WW2 death was not witnessed so close to home as it is today. In the short term many are taking the time like an extra holiday; others are distraught at the prospect of home-schooling their children whilst balancing the family budget. Young people are in shock at leaving school under compulsory restrictions. One hope of mine is that the government take this opportunity to re-establish a more meaningful education system rather than return to the inadequate system that we have now. I see more and more families out walking and cycling, filling their lungs with fresher air than we have had for years, will this newfound love of the outdoors continue post lockdown? Or will bicycles find their positions in dusty garages once more? Separated from loved ones and unable to help in desperate circumstances others are living with a strange grief that we are yet to see the results from. For those whose work has completely stopped, these are indeed worrying times, others are finding new ways to interact with people to keep their business afloat. I myself still have part time work in the care industry so I have some income, but little mind space for creative work. It is a strange and challenging time. I am attempting to set up an online shop, I have tried this in the past and given up. I am not good at following instructions and winging it on computers is not my forte.