Keep on keeping on


I am by nature a ‘cup half empty ‘person. I try extremely hard not to be, but things seem to get in the way of me being more positive. I read somewhere yesterday about sending out the right vibrations to attract positiveness to you, conversely if you send out negative vibrations then you attract negative vibrations back. I guess I will just have to keep trying to think positively. On that note yesterday I made some experiments with some new cyanotype chemicals. The experiments were unsuccessful, but then at least I know not to use that kind of paper again, so all is not lost if you learn something, right? I did make four mini collages. Very mini, only one-inch square, well they are almost square. I must be honest and say I had seen someone else try this a few days ago and thought I would see what I could come up with. Although I quite liked them, I felt they needed to be in a group. And on another positive note, I did make something, so I hope I can keep the positive energy going and get back into making.

failed glass cyanotype        mini collages 20.4.20