The longest Day

Midsummer’s day, the longest day. I worked with a lady and without fail she would make some comment about this day along the lines of: ‘It’s all down hill to Christmas now’. I was never sure if It was a happy thing to think of, or sad? As people who worked in a school, we hadn’t quite reached the Summer holidays, so to think that they were over was sad. And Christmas, also a joy, another holiday, was still too far away to contemplate. Funny how I thought of her today, she still works in a school, I wonder if she said it again today? She did always make me laugh.

Well bit of a change in my print today. I have been practicing different techniques with my gel plate. This print was made by using the page from a glossy magazine. I captured  the ghost print from the plate, I have then added text with some small letter stamps. It worked for me, hope you like it too.