busy days …

I do like busy days, but it is nice to get the things you planned to do finished, which is often not the case. Lots of running around collecting things today, but I found some bargains, everyone loves a bargain don’t they ? Well  no time for getting sidetracked this afternoon, still not got to the end of my list!

Here we are yesterdays and today’s prints, kind of followed on from yesterday, using the gel plate and an ink pad on tissue. The tissue is purple, which hasn’t shown so well in my photo. I quite like using tissue paper, it has imperfections and creases which I like.

One more print and then into another new month !




20180429_100052 (1).jpg




Author: Norma Foulds

I am an artist and teacher. I live in the North West of England. I have taught in schools for 12 years , and now find paid employment making things and showing others how to explore their own creativity. I am happy to consider any ideas for collaborative work .

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