Don’t think too much, it’s bad for your health.

I think too much. I think should do things better, I think I should work more, I think I should work less, I think I should go and see more art, I think I should make more art, I think I should cook more , I think I should be a better mum. I think I think too much. And for ‘think’  replace it for worry. I worry about everything, I have tried not to, I have, I really have. But I cant do it. No matter how hard I try, I worry. Do you worry? I don’t think everyone does. I do, and I wish I knew how to stop.





Author: Norma Foulds

I am an artist and teacher. I live in the North West of England. I have taught in schools for 12 years , and now find paid employment making things and showing others how to explore their own creativity. I am happy to consider any ideas for collaborative work .

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