Day 8

To start with the weather has been a lot better today, small thing, but it does lift my spirits when the weather is nice. I started the day with two book purchases, one a children’s book and the other a fishing guide. I have used the fishing guide already; it has some great line drawn images. I also used some seaweed to make mon-prints. I was quite pleased with them, some have taken on the feel of the boats in the harbour, rusting metals and cracking paint.

Today’s page was one of those where my mind zoned out of where I was and put together images from a pile of things I had collected on my table. I like it when things work like that, they feel more natural and unprompted.




Author: Norma Foulds

I am an artist and teacher. I live in the North West of England. I have taught in schools for 12 years , and now find paid employment making things and showing others how to explore their own creativity. I am happy to consider any ideas for collaborative work .

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