The shop is open !

Well the shop is open. I am having a few teething problems, so bare with. I cant seem to add the full set of images for the colouring sheets, so I will add them here until I can work it out . All amounts include postage too. Sorry I can only post in the UK at the moment, but I hope when things are reopened as Covid -19 restrictions are relaxed I will be able to post world wide. You can always contact me privately to see if I am able to send things other than Royal mail.

One set has simple designs, designed so that you can add your own details, books on the shelf, flowers in the vase, plants in the garden.

The other set has slightly more detailed designs, more suitable to a steady hand.


Author: Norma Foulds

I am an artist and teacher. I live in the North West of England. I have taught in schools for 12 years , and now find paid employment making things and showing others how to explore their own creativity. I am happy to consider any ideas for collaborative work .

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